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Posted on April 25, 2022

Hello SIA Families,

In an effort to continually evolve our complementary courses we have created four course strands:
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Design & Engineering

At STEM Innovation Academy students create innovative solutions to unique problems. In our Engineering and Design Strand students will develop the knowledge and skills necessary to apply the design process to a variety of diverse challenges. Using design and fabrication techniques, students create projects that are manufactured using equipment in our Makerspace.

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Computational Thinking

Computational thinking refers to the thought processes involved in understanding a problem and creating digital solutions using industry-standard hardware and software. Students will learn how to create ‘smart’ design solutions. Using hands-on experience in computer programming and electronics, students build systems that take hardware components and algorithms needed to run components.

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Innovative ideas are spread by creative, effective and engaging communication. Courses in our Media strand will provide students with the skills to enhance their communication so that it can appeal to all the senses. Students will create and share ideas through a variety of mediums to tantalize their target audience.

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Required Complementary Courses

These courses are mandatory for all students at STEM Innovation Academy as they develop skills applicable to all areas.

Within each of these strands you will find different complementary courses for each grade level. We would encourage all families to look through the course descriptions and rank their top choices. As we have done in the past we will provide a survey to allow families to rank their top complementary course choices. 

We are continually looking at ways to make our complementary course offerings innovative and new, most of the complementary course options are available regardless of which complementary courses students have taken in 2021-2022, but there are some exceptions.

  • If you took Biomedical Engineering in term 2 (November 2021-March 2022) you are able to take Introduction to Biomedical Engineering next year.  However, if you took Biomedical Engineering in term 3 (March 2022-June 2022) you MAY NOT repeat Introduction to Biomedical Engineering as there will be a large amount of content overlap.
  • If you have taken PC Remix please DO NOT sign up for PC Remix again.
  • If you have taken Robotics, using VEX, please DO NOT sign up for Robotics Essentials: VEX Pitching In.
  • If you have taken 3D Media, please DO NOT take 3D Content Creation Essentials.

Please see below for descriptions for each complementary course offered in the 2022/2023 school year. Some of these course selections have a fee associated with taking the course, please be advised these fees are subject to change.

Please note, all incoming grade 7 students will be taking the same four complementary courses. In these courses they will have the opportunity to sample all three strands while they build important skills and knowledge.

Current grade 7 and 8 students will be completing their complementary courses choice survey on Friday April 29 during SPARK class. Please ensure you have taken the opportunity to discuss the complementary course offerings in anticipation of the course selection survey. We will do our best to give students their top choices for their remaining course options, but it should be noted that not all options choices may be granted.


Grade 7 Complementary Courses


Grade 8 Complementary Courses


Grade 9 Complementary Courses

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