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High School Summer School

STEM IA High School is planning to offer summer school in July 2024 for current Grade 10 & 11 students. Summer school has evolved over the years and is mostly taken by students who want to get through an academic course during the summer to help open up their timetable in the following year. This is a perfect fit at STEM IA as we have so many exceptional options for our students but also know that our students want a full schedule of core courses as well.

Summer School Offerings

Research and our experience has lead us to understand what courses are best handled in summer school without negatively impacting future courses in that subject area or a students marks. 

For this reason we have selected 5 courses we will be offering if we have enough students interested:

Core Courses

Chemistry 20, Chemistry 30, Biology 20, Social Studies 20-1


Biomedical Science 25

A few important ponits about summer school at STEM IA

  • Summer school at STEM IA will be offered July 2 – July 25  from 8:15 AM to 12:45 PM daily.
  • Students take one course at 4.5 hours/day.
  • All courses will be face to face at STEM IA – no online courses will be offered.
  • All curriculum must be covered that would normally be covered during the regular semester.
  • Students must be dedicated to success, must attend daily and do all work assigned as the pace is exceptionally fast.
  • STEM IA summer school will be opened up to students outside of our school if room is available.
  • Students from outside of STEM IA are welcome to register.

Due by March 1, 2024

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