Frequently Asked Questions

A charter school is a public school that provides unique programming. Charter schools have the same accountability as other public boards, adhere to the Alberta Program of Studies, are open to all students, cannot charge tuition, and employ certificated teachers. Charter schools have operated in Alberta since 1994 and have been highly sought after due to the excellence in teaching and learning.

No, our program is open to everyone! Please take a look at our program offerings to learn more.

Like all public school boards in Alberta, we can charge fees to cover the costs of unique programming. For the 2022-23 school year, our school fees are $295 and yellow bus fees for the junior high school are $965.

Yes. We do an initial lottery for next year’s spots in early January. All families who have registered by that time will be in the initial lottery. After those spots fill, we will do future lotteries of any spots that become available in the spring/summer.

Our Junior High serves students in Grades 7-9. Our High School currently has Grade 10 and 11 with Grade 12 being added in 2024. The students that started with us in 2021 will be the first STEM IA graduating class of 2025. 

Our core courses deliver a high-quality program using Alberta’s curriculum delivered by outstanding teachers. Our students have performed exceptionally well in Grade 9 Provincial Achievement Tests. Our unique options and specialty courses allow students to explore a variety of STEM topics in a rigorous and engaging learning experience – purpose built for a future defined by innovation in the STEM disciplines. Our students will be fully prepared for whatever post-secondary program they choose beyond Grade 12.

  • Our decision to offer Honours and Specialty courses rather than the International Baccalaureate or Advanced Placement program is because we believe the curriculum needs to be forward thinking, timely and relevant to keep up with the advances in technology, something the Honours and Specialty courses can uniquely deliver. In addition, students have the opportunity to explore interest and passion areas deeper in Specialty courses without the added pressure of Diploma exams in the same course.
  • We want our students to have the best chance for acceptance in high demand programs, and this is a changing process. Students are increasingly being asked to provide additional information about relevant projects, courses, or club activities that support the chosen field. Our Honours and Specialty courses provide the opportunity to demonstrate our students are a good fit for their preferred program. It is important to note your child’s high school transcript will not show they took AP or IB courses and it is not necessarily an advantage for post-secondary admission.
  • Our staff, who have extensive experience at the high school level, completed a thorough review of all available programs to best meet the future needs of our students.
  • Our Honours and Specialty courses are designed for self-motivated students who want additional challenge and the opportunity to explore topics not typically offered in other high schools. They are developed and continuously re-evaluated with advisory boards from Canadian post-secondary schools as well as professionals and experts in respective fields.

We are excited to host the first MIT Fab Lab in Alberta! There are over 1,750 labs in 100 countries around the world.

Fab Labs are digital fabrication labs providing access to equipment, materials, and advanced technology that enable students to fabricate nearly anything. The lab will have state-of-the-art digital fabrication equipment including 3D printers, laser cutters, large format printers, virtual reality/augmented reality equipment, and a precision CNC mill.

Students can connect with peers in other parts of the world, discuss projects, and share ideas and plans. A student in Kenya, Italy, or Finland can upload a project to the network and be completed by one of our students here.

MIT stands for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a university in Boston that is consistently ranked the top university in the world.

Yes, we offer yellow bus service to the junior high. For high school, we are located very close to the LRT station and bus hub and students may take Calgary transit to attend the school.

We believe these are very important to a student’s overall experience! We love sports and our students participate playing in existing leagues against other schools. We have a variety of clubs which change according to student interest.