Inspiring the next generation to be knowledgeable creators, innovators, and responsible leaders.


STEM Innovation Academy will be the premier learning community for the design and advancement of innovative Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics education.

Key Foundations

Preparing Future Leaders

Our ever-evolving future will require innovative and adaptable leaders. Students at STEM Innovation Academy are inspired to be technology creators and innovators, not just technology users. We engage students with real-world problems, expose them to possibilities for post-secondary and future careers, and develop them as critical thinkers and responsible citizens.

Excellence in Teaching and Learning

We believe a student’s education should be well-rounded. We use evidence-based, research informed instructional practices. Knowledge is the core foundation for the skills and mindsets we seek to develop in students. Students make connections between the knowledge they are learning and real-world experiences, current events, and/or their daily lives. Students are engaged and active participants in their learning. Our students are resilient - we challenge them to persevere and to not give up.

Design Teaching, Thinking and Learning

Creative and critical thinking meaningfully occurs with a strong foundation built on knowledge and skills outlined in the Alberta Program of Studies. With this foundational learning, students use a design process and intentionally strive to develop solutions to unique problems. Teachers collaboratively create the conditions for student curiosity, creativity, leadership, and critical thinking.

Data to Inform and Drive Instruction

All students are supported to have a strong academic experience across subject areas at our school. Teachers use best educational practices, including direct instruction through explanation and modelling, to ensure a rigorous and engaging program. Formal and informal assessments inform teachers, students, and parents about student progress and determine next steps in learning.

Industry Partnerships and Global Focus

We are part of a local and global innovation ecosystem. Collaborative partnerships with post-secondary institutions and industry experts enrich and inspire powerful life-long learning for students and faculty. Through connections with internationally recognized STEM organizations, students develop an awareness of global challenges and solutions while acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary for future success.

Parents as Partners in Learning

Parents are the primary educators of their children and important stakeholders in their education. Through collaborative relationships and open communication, we work together with families to support success for all students.

Character, Community and Curiosity

Staff facilitate a positive social and emotional learning environment. Respect is an integral part of our culture. We honor the uniqueness of each individual and embrace diverse backgrounds, values, and points of view to build a strong, inclusive community. Members of our learning community treat each other with mutual respect, kindness and empathy. Students are inspired to be curious about each other and the world around them.