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The STEM Innovation Academy embodies a vision for education our province needs more than ever – one that inspires students to be technology creators and innovators, not just technology users. We are in the middle of a once-in-a-generation digital transformation, and Alberta students can be leaders in this global shift.

Once-in-a-generation digital transformation

We are a new public charter school that is unique in Alberta. For the 2021-22 school year we are offering grades 7-9, with a high school location coming soon!

We believe every student can be successful in STEM and should have the opportunity to learn about cutting edge science and technology topics.

Major Excitement

The First Day of School

Our Difference

Some topics we explore

Artificial intelligence, data science, and machine learning

Medical technology

Cybersecurity and cryptography

Virtual reality and augmented reality

Digital media and design


Digital fabrication (including 3D printing, laser cutting and rapid prototyping)

Robotics and automation


Environmental technology


Cryptocurrency and blockchain

STEM Infused Science Curriculum + New STEM/Technology Courses

Our plan is not only to infuse the existing science curriculum with leading edge content, but to create new courses that enable students to choose key STEM subject areas to explore.  The ability to explore different leading edge topics helps students make informed choices about post-secondary and beyond.

Unique Assessment Process - Filling Gaps

We believe everyone can be successful at STEM.  Through a formal assessment process we identify learning gaps in literacy and math, and implement plans to close these gaps.

In-Person Learning and Online Courses

In addition to offering education in person in Calgary, our unique high school STEM courses will be made available online to any student in Alberta.  Stay tuned for more information about our Calgary school location!


The humanities are a critical part of education, providing insights into our world and the human experience.  The ability to communicate, comprehend written sources, and explore different points of view are important.  Helping to provide a framework for critical thinking, development of creativity, and persuasive skills,  English Language Arts and Social Studies complete a well-rounded education and we value their importance.


Developing students’ collaborative skills is important and has been identified by post-secondary institutions and industry as a critical proficiency.  

We lead by example through collaborations with post-secondary institutions, industry, and government to ensure our curriculum is constantly refreshed with the latest knowledge, research, and trends. 

Extra Curricular Programming

Interested in research competitions, math contests, cybersecurity competitions?  Looking to join a school sports team?  Have a passion for solving global quality of life issues?  Our after school clubs and extracurricular activities are designed to be responsive to student interests and further connect our students to local, national, and international communities. 

It's time to register for complementary courses!

Click here to view our range of available classes

Frequently Asked Questions

Grades 7-9: 1204 – 96 avenue SW, Calgary
Grades 10-12: Stay tuned!

No – far from it. Our options include technology courses that do not involve computer programming.

We will be offering online high school technology courses for the 2022-23 school year. We suggest you add your name to our contact list to stay updated.

No, like all public schools we do not charge tuition.  Also like all public schools, we do have program enhancement fees for things such as field trips and extra programming that is not funded by Alberta Education.  As we get closer to opening an estimate of fees will be provided to parents.  

We know the value of sports programming for students, and plan to offer many of the same extracurricular sports and clubs you may see at other schools, along with some STEM related clubs/programs you won’t find anywhere else. 

Community Values

We are a community minded learning community that demonstrates courage, resilience, respect and caring for others.  We create inclusive and responsive space for students to explore their passions. 

Community Values

We are a community minded learning community that demonstrates courage, resilience, respect and caring for others.  We create inclusive and responsive space for students to explore their passions. 

Contact us

Phone Number: 403-259-4211

General email:

Staff contact list: Staff contacts

We’re located at 1204 – 96 Avenue SW, Calgary, Alberta T2V 0Y1